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ASSET-BASED FINANCE - Proven Disciplines for Prudent Lending

ASSET-BASED FINANCE - Proven Disciplines for Prudent Lending

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ASSET-BASED FINANCE - Proven Disciplines for Prudent Lending


by Professor Gregory F. Udell


The first definitive textbook ever written on the asset-based financial services industry. This major work will prove invaluable both for industry practitioners as well as business students seeking entry into the industry. Professor Udell touches base on every phase of the industry. With the help of the asset-based lending professionals who worked with him, he has come up with a useful tool for anyone seeking to understand the industry.

Asset-Based Finance offers an introduction and comprehensive "hands-on" analysis of the asset-based financial services industry and how it works. It is designed to be user-friendly for industry newcomers, business students, regulators, policymakers and others interested in this exciting industry. It is also designed to be a useful reference for industry veterans.

Part I
Offers an overview of the industry and also provides a framework for viewing the position the industry has in the financial landscape.

Part II
Examines the process of asset-based finance, in other words, the mechanics of how it is done.

Part III
Offers a series of cases that show how ABL works in action.

Part IV
The final section of the book, a number of special issues are examined. These include: the problem of fraud; the challenges associated with foreign financing; creating and perfecting security interests in personal property; and an analysis of some of key industry trends.


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